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For those members who might be looking for a different option to Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop there’s one software that a number of members at Bendigo Camera Club use and one that I would recommend as a creative professional for two key reasons. Affinity Software offers creative editing programs that are not only on par with Adobe software, but also offer excellent value for money as it is available as a single purchase price without on-going monthly subscription payments. For those on a low income it gives them the ability to explore their creativity without constant financial pressure.

I will attach a PDF file with clickable links and a quick overview of what each of their programs is for, but for those who would like more detailed explanations I’ll put the web link below and I’m available for anyone who wishes to give me a call: Mark Friswell 0439 655 695, and I can give more insight and if required even help and training for those wanting to learn.