AGM Annual General Meeting at which office bearers are elected, held on the second Tuesday in July each year.
APS Australian Photographic Society
AV Audio Visual, a slide show of images accompanied by music. Programs are available to enable these to be prepared.
Awards Night Dinner held before Christmas at which annual awards are presented.
Monochrome A photograph in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour (eg a sepia tint)
Committee Manages the mundane day to day affairs of the Club. Members elected by members at AGM. Meets first Tuesday of the month. It comprises president, deputy president, secretary, treasurer, Focus editor, competition secretary, public officer and one other.
Competition Steward Elected Committee Member who collects competition entries and arranges judging.
Focus Club monthly newsletter emailed to members, usually during the first week of the month.
Mount Cardboard frame to mount an image for display. Can be prepared using a mount cutting jig, one of which is owned by the Club and available for the use of members.
Open Section Colour images in competition. May be projected images or prints.
Activity Night Held third Tuesday of the month where there will be a photographic activity, a demonstration, tutorial, show and tell, AV display or other activity.
Projected Image Digital image projected onto a screen.
Quad Comp Competition held annually in October between Bendigo, Castlemaine, Macedon Ranges and Central Goldfields (Maryborough) Clubs
Set Subject Section Images based on a subject nominated for a particular competition. May be projected images or prints.
Slide Show Series of digital images shown in sequence, either on a monitor or projected.
State Competition Conducted by VAPS annually with digital and print entries provided by clubs.
VAPS Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. Composed of associated Victorian camera clubs of which Bendigo Camera Club is one.