The syllabus lists the events that occur at meeting nights, various club excursions, dinners and trips, as well as the competition definitions (also listed below)

Calendar of Events

Download a printable version of the 2024 Syllabus which contains the calendar of events for the year

These events are also included in the website calendar (available on the home page or via the link above).

Both the printable syllabus and the online calendar are updated during the year as changes occur.

Competition Definitions

Action Movement:

Freeze dynamic moments or convey a sense of motion in your photographs.

From Behind:

Capture the subject from a unique perspective—focusing on the subject’s rear view.


Capture the essence and artistry of wine in its various stages; from vines to vineyards to wine cellars to the glass.


Explore and capture the beauty, character, and stories found in doors and windows. They can convey a sense of place, history and human connection.


Explore and capture the nostalgia, beauty and character of steam-powered machinery, vintage vehicles and other relics from the past.


Capture the subject at a very close range, revealing intricate details and textures that are not easily visible to the naked eye.