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We have had a great start to 2020 with a relaxed club BBQ gathering and the January “scavenger hunt” at Lake Weeroona. Members were asked to take 10 photos guided by topics such as “red, movement, feathers, texture”. There was a lot of enthusiasm for this event and it was great to view highlights from the photos members took during this activity. Some of these photos have been shared on the Friends of BCC Facebook page.

This newsletter outlines many opportunities for learning and getting together to take photos in the coming months.

February 11 – 1st judging night of the year 

We have our first judging night for the year coming up this week. The set subject is “abstract” and we look forward to seeing members entries and hearing the judges commentary. On this date entries are due for the first AV judging night which will be on March 10.

February 18 – Activity night 

Our theme for the February activity night is: How to win competitions

At this activity night we will provide a few workshops to support you to submit photos for  competition and increase your success.  Workshops will include:

  • Preparing prints for competition – matting 
  • How to correctly submit your digital entries
  • Tips on how to win competitions – what judges are looking for 
  • Using your self-timer to set up a self-portrait – in readiness for the April judging night set subject “self-portrait”.

Members will have a chance to opt into the workshops that most interest them.

Tuesday March 10 – AV judging night

This will be the first AV judging night for the year and the due date for submitting entries for the April judging night. The set subject for April is Self-Portrait and/or Crowds.

Tuesday March 17  – early advice on the March Activity night

We are preparing an activity for this night which we will introduce to you at one of the February gatherings.  This will be a one month challenge to recreate 1-5 images that will be provided to you prior.  More detail and images to come.  

Tuesday March 24 – Club social dinner

We will get together for the first club social dinner for the year, venue details to come.  We will start collecting names at upcoming meetings and activity nights and provide details of the venue.

Sunday April 5 – bus trip to Benalla for the Wall to Wall festival

The club will be heading off to Benalla for the Wall to Wall festival street art festival.  This festival was established in 2015 and will give members “the chance to see the latest, world-class street art offering, painted live during a weekend of creative experiences” as stated on the website. We  will start collecting names for this outing this month. This is a subsidised trip but there will be a charge of $10 per person for the bus costs.  

If you would like to learn more about the festival check out the Wall to Wall Festival website.

Easter Festival – Photographic Exhibition – Good Friday April 10 – Sunday April 12

This is a key event for the year.  We will have photos on display for 3 days of the festival.  A call for volunteers and more details to come.

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