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The humble phone should not be dismissed as a tool for capturing beautiful images and memories.

(As shown at the Club AGM on 17/7/2018 and with apologies to all of the other wonderful brands of phone that are not apple!)

The iPhoneography School ( has many tutorials on how to capture images with the iPhone.

Below is a summary of information from that site and others about Apps for taking photos, editing photos and presenting them as a slideshow.

Native iPhone Camera App

Doesn’t have DSLR-like manual controls. For example, you can’t set the shutter speed, ISO or white balance.


  • Works well in most shooting situations.
  • Allows you to set focus
  • Has options to shoot
    • –Pano – panorama
    • –Live – convert to loop videos or long exposure
    • –Timelaps, Slo-mo, Video

More information about iPhone Camera App here:

An example of a photo captured in Live mode but saved

  1. as a loop video (low resolution version shown)

2. as a long exposure (click to view full resolution)

How to create Live Photos

  • Switch on Live Photos using the circle icon at the top of the screen.
  • The camera captures a 3 second video including the moments before and after you press the shutter.
  • Then apply an effect

–For more information:

More Advanced Camera Apps

There are many apps available that will allow you to

  • Shoot in RAW
  • Adjust many of the settings you expect from a DSLR

Some examples include

  • ProCamera 7
  • ProCam 5

See here for good reviews of a variety of Apps:

Photo Editors



  • Is FREE (and fun!)
  • Also allows you to shoot in RAW (or import any other jpg/raw photo you have on your camera)
  • Provides individual controls for adjusting the photo including curves
  • Has a range of filters you can apply

Some examples of filters:

More information on

Shooting with VSCO:

Editing your photos with VSCO:

Creating a “memories” slideshow

Memories is a feature of iOS10 that

  • automatically scans your library for significant people, places, holidays, etc
  • presents these photos in curated collections called Memories

See a step-by-step “how to” instructions here:

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