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It was quite an experience having Barney as our judge at the June meeting. Barney was unable to travel up to Bendigo, so rather than send up his notes for us to read he challenged us to set up a virtual presence via skype. It actually all went very well and our members appreciated being able to see Barney’s face and hear his comments. An added bonus was that Barney shared some of his incredible work with us which includes work for Virtually There Exhibition – 60th Anniversary Exhibition at the National Trust

Some notes Barney provided about his work:

The Virtually There Exhibition

Each of the scenes covers a full 360 degree view. Live actors have been dressed in heritage clothing from the time and tell us a little bit about life at that time. This video has been seamlessly embedded into the 360° scene to make it come alive. Viewers can look around and touch objects to find out more and download information. Not only is there a sense of discovery, we are also giving access to information in a direct contextual way. We can also include precious objects which cannot be left on display. And we have surprises! Look for jewellery in the bedroom, read the personal notes, find the hidden embroidery on the bedspread.

The technique

I capture these scenes using a DSLR (Canon 5D MkIII) and Fisheye lens (Canon 8-15mm @ 15mm) on a tripod.

12 overlapping images around the circle are stitched together into a full 360° view.

The most difficult part is capturing the video and seamlessly embedding it in the scene with gentle feathering around the edges so that there is no noticeable change when the video fades away.
Lastly: I do quite a lot of technical support and workshops. If anyone wants some advice on how or why I made image modifications, let them feel free to ask, I am happy to share.

Some links to Barney’s work:

McCraeHomestead (download the Heritage at your Touch – Exhibition Notes pdf)


LaTrobe Cottage

Power Station

Bradmills Chimney

Cardsharps (playing on the age old theme of Carvaggio’s 1594 painting by that name)

Hidden Melbourne

Maldon Dragline

Crystal Ice factory Bendigo

Crystal Ice clerk desk

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