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Last night we met to watch a few videos on smartphone photography and then experimented with a few techniques, such as

  • long exposure using live view
  • macro photography
  • “panodash” – a panorama where the subject dashes around and appears multiple times

Members can view and upload photos from the night on our BCC Activity Night Photos Cluster group (If you are not already a member, submit a member request)


Here are the video links, with a few extras you may be interested in. (You can use google to find out how to use any of these techniques with your model of smart phone):

Intro: How to Take the Best Photos with Your Smartphone

Terry White (Adobe Evangelist) iPhone photography (some selected sections):

  • 20:35 Angles matter
  • 23:45 Lens and angle differences
  • 36:25 Locking the exposure and focus
  • 38:20 Adjusting the exposure compensation
  • 47:40 Editing a portrait mode photo
  • 49:28 Editing begins
  • 49:54 Removing distractions
  • 51:05 Adjusting white balance
  • 52:45 Lens correction

General smartphone tips (watch from 1:22): 7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

  • Under expose a little bit your sunset for better result
  • Use a tripod for better sunset and night photography
  • Use a slow shutter app and a tripod to make cool long exposure photos
  • Use Snapseed to retouch your photos

Fun/creative ideas: 7 smartphone photography tips & tricks

Long exposure, dof, time lapse: 7 smartphone photography tips for shooting like a pro

Samsung Galaxy S21 Tips and Tricks:


Useful links

The iPhone Photography School is a brilliant resource for all sorts of tips (not just iPhones).

Here are some links about iPhone camera apps: