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Low key photographs are underlit images that feature dramatic contrast and dark colors. It can create a dramatic or mysterious image and enhances shapes texture. This technique is often used in portraiture and still life.

View some great tips and examples from the Digital Photography School

Some tips on lighting techniques, and inspiring examples

And a couple of tutorials on creating/enhancing a low key image in photoshop/lightroom

(Heads up – next week’s challenge will be Complementary Colours: Yellow and Purple)

Here are some examples of curves from our cluster gallery.:

by Glynn M
by Brian H
by Bob L
also by Bob L

Thanks to Che for this suggestion.

You have until next Tuesday to upload your image to Cluster. Members have all been sent an invitation to join and most have done so already. If you have any trouble feel free to email Esther. We also encourage you to leave encouraging comments for other members.

I would love to receive your suggestions/requests for future challenges. Please leave them as a comment under the challenge notification in Cluster or Facebook.

We will also post this competition on our “Friends of BCC” Facebook group so our friends can still participate by sharing their images on Facebook.