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Tuesday 10th April

  • This is judging night for the set-subject of “Mood of the weather”.
  • The judge will be Ken Brethenton, and yes Ken will be in attendance.

Tuesday 17th April

  • The activity for this evening will be night photography in Castlemaine. We will car pool at our club rooms and plan on leaving Bendigo at 7:00pm. Bring Camera, Tripod and Torch.     This is an excellent opportunity for newer members to ask question and find out how to use their camera’s for night photography.

Tuesday 24th April (Additional night)

  • For those members who would like to produce their own backing mats for their work, the club will be holding a MATT CUTTING workshop using the Club’s Matt cutting machine and also a refresher course on how to submit entries for competition via the club website. If either of these activities are of interest to you, can you please let the Committee know so that arrangements can be made?


Sunday 6th May 2018

  • The road trip with the Maryborough Club has been cancelled. However the Bendigo Camera Club still intends to go to the Clunes Festival. We will car pool at our club rooms and plan on leaving Bendigo at 9:00am.
  • The annual club outing with the Maryborough Club will be rescheduled.
  • The annual Clunes Booktown Festival is on Saturday and Sunday with 18,000 people expected to attend. You can visit their web site for more details.
  • Click on the BLUE TEXT to go to their web site.

17th July 2018

  • As the Club’s 2018 AGM is schedule for this date, nominations will be sought for all Committee positions as per the ‘Rules of Association’. Nomination forms will be sent to members in early June.


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