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On Friday the 13th October, 17 club members travelled to Mansfield for a photographic weekend.  A few of us had lunch at Yea before booking into our accommodation at Mansfield.  We then headed to Fry’s Hut.  Unfortunately all we found was a locked gate.  Fortunately the hut was only 200 metres from the gate.  The group stayed for over an hour enjoying the hut, river and bird life.

Photos of Fry’s Hut:

Photos of Powers Lookout taken on Saturday morning.  This scenic reserve provides views of the Upper King Valley and the Alpine National Park. It is believed the lookout was once a vantage point for bushranger Harry Power to view approaching troopers during his period of notoriety in the north-east.

Whitfield – Lunch was enjoyed at Whitty Café.  Later in the day we visited the Pizzini Winery.

Paradise Falls and Sunset in Mansfield.  The signs to the falls were difficult to see from the car park, and there was not much water flowing but the rock face is huge.  The sunset/sunrise were also not very spectacular but Justin captured the golden vista.

On Sunday most of the group then travelled to Jamieson for morning coffee and a town walk.

On the way home a few of the members visited the Yea Wetlands. This is a 1.8 kilometre walk along the Yea River and is full of bird life.

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