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Goldfields Image Makers (Maryborough’s camera club) has nominated the 10th September for the next ‘inter-club’ road trail.

The schedule is listed below:


Both club participants to meet at Tarnagulla near park in main street (near church with no roof)

Meet and mingle and then allow an hour for photographs…..plenty of photo subjects at church and street scenes in the main street


Proceed 7km towards Dunolly to Waanyarra Historical Cemetery, wander amongst the historical gravesites and imagine the life way back….

11.00am to 11.15am

Proceed to Dunolly to Railway Station to photograph Station area and take a look at the Cork Tree.


Proceed to Timor to see the remains of Grand Duke Mine


To Maryborough Railway Station for Photos and lunch

1.15 to 1.30pm arriving approx 2pm

To Newstead via Carisbrook to Antares Iron Art Garden We have made arrangements with the artist/owner for our visit. There will be a cost of $5.00 to each individual. We may add that you will not regret this payment as it is well worth the visit. Many photo opportunities.

Antares Iron Art Garden is at the corner of Brandt St and Punt Rd, just out of Newstead. Iron, stone, bone, wood and glass are gathered together to create an art garden to entice and intrigue.

If anyone would like to visit Newstead Cafe for coffee, it will be closed by 4pm on a Sunday.

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