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On the 29th May the club organized a Photo Excursion to Melbourne with a view of capturing an image for the up and coming Street Art competition. Well some just went for the coffee and a Subway. Barbara’s husband Geoff organized the bus and we departed the clubrooms at 8:30

We arrived in Melbourne and found a park behind Fed Square. From there most ventured to Hosier’s Lane where many portrait shots were captured from willing participants. It was a smorgasbord for the ardent photographer.

From Hosier’s Lane people went their various ways which allowed more photo opportunities till we were to all meet at the bus by 4:00 pm which would be parked opposite the Arts Centre. And guess what everyone arrived back there on time. A miracle !!

Next stop was St Kilda pier. It was overcast with some light peeping through the clouds. Some of us used an ND filter to get milky water and more intense light streaming from the clouds with limited success.

As the sun was setting rapidly a sunset over Princess Pier seemed an impossibility. But a few walked out on the pier to take long exposure shots in virtual darkness. There were some incredible photos taken.

By this time we had had enough. It had been a very long day. On the way back we stopped in at the BP Servo at Calder Park for a well earned sit down and dinner.

Arrival time was 9:30. Everyone enjoyed the day. A BIG thanks to Graeme Harvey for the excellent organization and also another BIG, BIG thanks to Barbara and Geoff Coleman for driving the bus (he is a legend for getting parks in the city).

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