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There are still a few outstanding annual membership fees payable.

Twice a year, Earth’s orbit intersects with that of Halley’s Comet, creating a glorious natural light show. The peak of the “display” this year is predicted to be in the pre-dawn hours of May the 6th and 7th. Look north-east from about 5am.

This is the Print & Digital judging night. The judge will be Bert Hoveling. If Bert does not appear then Esther will read out his comments.

Originally we were going to John Addlem’s property to do some night photography. However as there will be a full moon this event has been held over to a later date. What is now planned is a members “Show and Tell” evening.
While the “Show & Tell” is open to everybody we would particularly like those who have not entered a competition to take part. What is planned is for members to bring along a maximum of 20 photos of their choice and to talk about them. These images could be part of a theme. We suggest that members speak for no more than 5-minutes.
Example:- My “photography likes” are based around “Australia’s Outback” and “Flowers, particularly Western Australian Wildflowers”. So I would bring along 10 of each and talk about where they were taken etc.
This could even be an ongoing event which would be a good way of introducing new members to the club.

This is the start of our Easter Exhibition which will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Firstly we urgently need more volunteers as there are 24 sessions to fill. Nineteen of the clubs members will be displaying their work displayed over 36 boards.
On Thursday afternoon (say 4:00pm) we will need volunteers at the club rooms to transfer the display boards to Dudley House. They will then need to be set up so members can attach their images.
Boards have been allocated as follows, being picked out of a hat:-

1 & 2 Val Densworth
3 & 4 Melinda Peters
5 & 6 Ian Priestly
7 & 8 Will Tainsh
9 & 10 Garry Paterson
11 & 12 Les Wiles
13 & 14 Jeremy/Hayley Robinson
15 & 16 Coral Symons
17 & 18 Jenny Peters
19 & 20 Ron Price
21 & 22 Allan Davis
23 & 24 Mal Brayshaw
25 & 26 Felicity Johnson
27 & 28 Lyn Wright
29 & 30 Robert Scholes
31 Graeme Harvey
32 Anne Harvey
33 & 34 Boyd Robinson
35 & 36 Linda Reiss

Where a month has 5 Tuesdays (like April) we generally have a club dinner. This month it will be held at the Farmers Arms Hotel at Junortoun. 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start.

This is the annual Clunes Booktown Festival. The address is 46 Fraser Street Clunes. 18,000 people are expected to attend. Our suggestion is to go on the Sunday. More details can be found on the Booktown web site and on Facebook under Friends of BCC.

Entries are due for the June Digital and Print competition. The set-subject is “Derelict”; being something that has been deserted or abandoned, falling into ruins, neglected, dilapidated and could be a building, motor vehicle or something else of your choice.
We have then planned a walk around the Chinese area to practise night photography. Bring your camera, tripod and a torch.

This is the annual Lavandula Autumn Festival. More details can be found on the Lavandula web site and on Facebook under Friends of BCC.

This will be a workshop of Photographic Software other than Adobe.
Boyd will do a presentation on AFFINITY and Allan will do a presentation on LUMINAR.

Registration for the annual VAPS Convention is now open and closes on the 12th of May 2019. The Registration form can be found on the VAPS web site under “documents”. NB – There are 3 pages which must all be completed and sent off. Note: This is an interactive form, please save to your computer first, then fill in and resave and then attach it to your email to Sounds easy. Payment can be made direct to their bank account or by cheque.

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