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This Newsletter contains information about the next club meeting on 9th October, the club outing to Port Campbell on the 12th to the 14th of October, the activity meeting on 16th October and the club dinner on the 23rd of October.

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9th October – Print and Digital judging night

The judge will be Mario Mirabile from the Caulfield Camera Club. Unfortunately Mario is not able to attend however we will be able to listen to him over Skype.

12th to the 14th October – Weekend Excursion to Port Campbell

Currently there are 18 people attending.

An itinerary will be provided to those going shortly.

16th October – Activity night

Two things are planned for this evening. Firstly, bring along your photographic gadgets for display to other members.

Secondly the club has a DROP BOX site where one or more images will be placed. Everybody with computer access will be able to access the site to download whatever has been placed there.    We are still working out the finer details of exactly how the drop box system will work best for us.

You will receive a second Newsletter relating to the Activity Night well before Tuesday 16th October..

NB – The images will be large and therefore cannot be emailed but must be downloaded.

What we have planned for the ACTIVITY NIGHT is for you do download one or more of these images.

Your job is to then process this image and bring a copy along to the Activity Night for discussion.

Firstly we would like you to CROP the image so that it is pleasing to the eye, E composition.

Things to consider when you are processing this image are, RULE OF THIRDS, BALANCE, LEADING LINES, SYMMETRY AND PATTERNS, BACKGROUND (if any) etc etc etc.

23rd October – Fifth Tuesday of the month Dinner

Dinner will be held at the Reservoir Hotel at 160 Condon Street Kennington, just opposite the Kennington Reservoir. Start time is 6:30pm. A sheet for bookings will be available at club meetings on the 9th and 16th of October.

27th and 28th October – Bendigo Open House Weekend

This should be a excellent weekend to visit some of Bendigo’s great buildings and houses.

Visit this web site for more information. Click here.


NB – VAPS will ban the use of 5mm backing for images from 2019.

VAPS says “Those members who persist in using foam core backing, may use 3mm foam core backing which is readily available.  Total thickness of 3mm foam core and 1mm matboard will be about 4mm.”


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