Newsletter – July 2019

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Click here if you wish to print the Newsletter. ROAD WORKSYes the road entrances to the club rooms still have “Road Closed” signs on then, and apparently it’s a $150.00 fine if you go past one. So I parked in the Nolan Street Car Park which is about 200 metres from the club rooms. HEATERSOn Tuesday the 2nd of July the club room heaters were not working. The council have been advised; hopefully they will be fixed before our next meeting on the 9th of July. Tuesday 9th July This is judging night for our Audio Visual (AV) competition. The judge will be Sue Rocco and she will be in attendance....

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Newsletter – June 2019

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Click here if you wish to print the Newsletter. JUNE 7th (Friday) to 10th (Monday) King Valle Balloon Festival (Click here for web site) Each morning up to 20 balloons launch at Milawa in northeast Victoria’s King Valley. The Mass Ascensions take place between 7am and 8am daily and spectators are welcome onto the launch field. JUNE 8th (Saturday) and 9th (Sunday) The Echuca Moama Steam Rally is again on. Visit their web site for more information. TUESDAY JUNE 11th NB – The Midlands Highway – Napier Street entrance to the Camera Club rooms is currently closed. You will therefore need to...

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Newsletter for May 2019

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Click here if you wish to print the Newsletter. Barry and Carol Beckham, born in England, but now based in Queensland have been avid photographers for over 40 years. During that time they have operated a web site with videos for sale on Photoshop, Lightroom and Pictures to Exe (the program I use to make AV’s). Carol has been diagnosed with Cancer and it’s causing her a major mobility problem and considerable pain.Barry has therefore been forced to bring forward his plans for a new web site ( which now offers all of his content free.So now is your chance to see...

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Newsletter for April 2019

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Click HERE to print a copy of the Newsletter. There are still a few outstanding annual membership fees payable. Twice a year, Earth’s orbit intersects with that of Halley’s Comet, creating a glorious natural light show. The peak of the “display” this year is predicted to be in the pre-dawn hours of May the 6th and 7th. Look north-east from about 5am. TUESADY 9TH APRIL This is the Print & Digital judging night. The judge will be Bert Hoveling. If Bert does not appear then Esther will read out his comments. TUESDAY 16TH APRIL Originally we were going to John Addlem’s property to do some...

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Newsletter for March 2019

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Click HERE if you wish to print the Newsletter. Annual membership fees:- So far 50 members have paid so there are not many outstanding. Tuesday 12th March:- Tonight is AV judging night.  There are 5 AV’s all ‘open subject’ with a maximum time of 5 minutes each.  Our judge, Bob Thomas, cannot attend but has sent notes which Matt Oliver will read. Tuesday the 12th is also the day the entries are due for the April Print/Digital competition.  The web site is open so you can submit entries now.  The set subject is Macro – close up. EASTER:- This year all images to be displayed at Dudley House...

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Newsletter for February 2019

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If you wish to print the Newsletter click HERE.  Did you know that you can also click HERE to view the newsletter in a large print. Once the PDF file is open just click on the PLUS sign at the top right hand corner. Australia Day Photo Exhibition and drink sales:- Several things were not in the clubs favour including the high temperatures we suffered earlier in the month.  Also the fact that Saturday the 26th was not a public so lots of people were still working.   Also due to the weather many sites were vacant particularly around our section of the lake. The exhibition went well with a...

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