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Tuesday 13th March

  • This is judging night for 6 AV’s (Audio Visuals). The judge will be John Spring from the Melbourne Camera Club
  • Currently 55 members have paid the subs of $40.00 per person which are now due.
  • entries are due on Tuesday 13th of March for the next competition, both Print and/or Digital Projected Images.
    The Set Subject is “Mood of the Weather” being an image depicting some aspect of the weather e.g. storm (actual or impending) rain, hail, snow, fog or wind. Normal sunny conditions or the aftermath are not acceptable.

Tuesday 20th March

  • Tonight Michelle Dunn ( will do a workshop for us. Prior to the evening you will receive an email providing more details.

Friday 30th March

  • This is our annual Easter Display at Dudley House in View Street Bendigo. The entry fee for non-members will be $3.00. A list will be available on the 13th and 20th of March so you can indicate what times you would like to help at the “door” by taking entry fees and answering any questions. Help will be required on Thursday night, starting at 4:00 setting up the hall with our display boards and then setting up your images. Display board numbers have been picked out of a hat and you will be advised which board/boards are yours on Thursday evening. Digital entries from the last 2 years will be shown in the side room on a TV.   Help will also be need to pack up.

Tuesday 17th April

  • The activity for this evening will be night photography in Castlemaine. Bring your Camera, Tripod and a Torch.  These evenings are designed for members to ask questions particularly about camera settings etc.  It’s your chance to find out how your camera works.  So do join us, Boyd says there is lots of old buildings to photograph. We will car pool at our club rooms and plan on leaving Bendigo at 7:00pm

Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS)

Print and Digital entries for this annual competition have now been chosen. The committee would like to congratulate the following members for having their work displayed in the annual competition:-

DIGITAL:- {15 entries in reverse alphabetic order – maximum of 2 entries per member}

Les Wiles – The Blue and The Grey and Pall Mall

Cynthia Watkins – Alpine Flowers

Travis Stringer – Hosier At Night and Mum and Bub

Justin Stenning – Static and Midnight Drive

Boyd Robertson – Upside Down

Andrew Lead – Fungal Light and Amazing Amsterdam

Felicity Johnston – Palm Cockatoo and Nigella

Val Densworth – Ian

Allan Davis – Beaufort Lake and Karandar Bird World

PRINTS:- {15 entries in reverse alphabetic order – maximum of 2 entries per member}

Boyd Robertson – The Young Pig Hunter and Innocent Eyes

Ian Priestly – Show Me Your Throat and Sophie

Ron Price – Fast Shooting

Matt Oliver – Infrared Forest and Midday Dunsborough

Andrew Lead – The Shambles

Graeme Harvey – Ormiston Gorge

Anne Harvey – Where is My Towel and Street Art in Georgetown

Val Densworth – Stone House

Mal Brayshaw – St Kilda Pier at Sunset and Encounter

Esther Andrews – NZ Gannets



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