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Unfortunately the clubs digital projector which was purchased because it projected High Definition images (IE 1920 X 1080) does not show the full image.  This is NOT a problem most of the time except when members want to submit an image with a border.  What the clubs projector does (in all cases) is CUT OFF the LEFT and RIGHT section of the image.  So the image (with a small black border) looks like this:

When what you wanted was this:

Firstly club members looked at the projector to see that it was set to project 1920 X 1080 which it was.  Then we looked at two laptops to see if they were the problem.  They weren’t.

So a “work around” is needed but only if you wish to use a border.

That work around is as follows:-

CROP your images to 1900 X 1080.  This can easily be done in Faststone or Photoshop.

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