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The LOGIN for the Club’s web site ( has been “fixed” so that it is now much easier to login.; ie. you can now click on MEMBERS and go to LOG IN without any hassles. Thanks to Esther and Justin.

Tuesday 14th November

  • First up will be the judging of the five AV’s, they are only 1 minute and 23 seconds each.
  • Garry will then talk about the new AV rules that VAPS (Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc.) have accepted. We will also be adopting these new rules.
  • New AV makers are most welcome. Talk to Allan Davis or Garry Paterson for more information.

Tuesday 21st November – Activity Night

  • This will be a Flash Photography Workshop and yes there will be at least one model to photograph. Club members may also volunteer to be photographed.
  • Bring your Camera, Flash and Tripod’s along.
  • The club will provide some Canon and Nikon Flashes if you need to borrow a flash.

Affinity Photos Vs Photoshop

There have been a whole host of Adobe Photoshop competitors through the years. Yet, each and every time, Photoshop does enough to maintain its position as the industry-leading photo editing software. However, it’s fair to say that through this period of time there has never been as much competition in the photo editing industry as there is now.

You can now take a look at the upcoming software that would appear most likely to replace Adobe Photoshop as the industry leading tool.

That software is Affinity Photo by Serif, a cross-platform software package, which boasts a much lower price than Adobe Photoshop.

A standard Adobe Photography / Lightroom plan is around $10.00 per month, $120 per year and $1,200 over ten years.   Affinity Photo on the other hand, charges a one-off fee of US$49.99 (under A$70.00). With this there are no monthly fees, no hidden costs, and no yearly commitments. A lifetime’s use of Affinity Photo costs the same as four months of Adobe Photoshop use (when locked into a 12 month contract).

You can view the software by clicking here.

You can look at a review of the software by clicking here.

End of Year Competition Dinner 2 December 2017

Just a reminder that if you have any special dietary requirements for the End of Year Dinner, please let Val know ASAP on 5446 1251.


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