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Tuesday 10th October

  1. Judging night for the “Look Up” set subject.
  2. Also time to hand in AV’s (Audio Visuals) for the 1:23 competition.
  3. President Graeme will also discuss next years “Set Subjects” in readiness for next year’s syllabus which will be available by the end of November.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October

Reminder about the trip to Mansfield. Refer to the Mansfield Weekend Trip in NEWS/COMING UP on the web site for more information. So far 20 members / partners are going. Graeme has booked all 20 into the Mansfield Golf Club for dinner at 6:00pm on Saturday night. Ring Graeme if you still wish to attend.

Tuesday 17th October

Activity night – Allan Davis and Ian Priestly will run a workshop on photo manipulation.  The main theme of the workshop will be on what’s permissible and what’s not.

Tuesday 24th October

This is the fourth Tuesday of the month and we will again be having a club dinner. This time it’s at the Bendigo Stadium. Please let Val know if you wish to go. You can put your name on the list either the 10th or 17th of October.

End of Year Competition 2 December 2017

Entries must be lodged by the 17th of October.

  • Bring Prints along on the 17th of October – maximum of 5 – AND lodge a small image on the website as usual.
  • Lodge digital entries on the web site by the 17th of October – maximum 5
  • Bring along a memory stick with ONE AV by the 14th November. This is so that you can consider the AV which will be judged on that night.

Names and money ($35.00 pp) must be made to Val or Anne by the 21st of November.
The dinner will again be at the RSL in 73-75 Havilah Street, near the Showgrounds, starting at 6:30pm.

Audio Visuals for 2018

VAPS (Victorian Association of Photographic Societies) of which our club is a member is updating its AV rules. While the final draft has not yet been signed off, it appears that this will happen this month. Some of the changes for next year are as follows:-

  1. Three seconds of “black” slide is required at the start of each AV
  2. The 3:21 category will now be Up To 3:21 (3 minutes and 21 seconds)
  3. Up to 20% of the AV can be Video
  4. The open section (for VAPS Comps) can be up to 12 minutes – HOWEVER Bendigo’s maximum AV will remain at 5 minutes
  5. COPYRIGHT – This is the sole responsibility of the AV producer.   This may mean that you use Royalty Free music or play your own music or do your own voice over

Bendigo Camera Club will adopt these changes for 2018.

The AV structure for the competition will be as follows:-

  • 3:21 (IE – up to 3 minutes and 21 seconds) like an open topic with an “item” to be on each slide
  • Open subject up to 5 minutes
  • Set subject again up to 5 minutes


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