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Sam Hamilton traveled to the NuPo refugee camp( right on the Thai Burma border) in January to do Bowen Therapy on
some of the 12,000 residents suffering stress, war injuries,
disabilities and other illness.  I was lucky to do several home visits,
working with bed bound, non ambulant residents with different forms of
paraplegia from car accidents, stroke and some sort of unknown
neurological disorder (perhaps MS?)  seeing great results and better
range of movement for them.
Sleeping in the girls dorms, we
were treated well, the boys covered the gaping holes in the roof with a
large blue tarp, which would rustle in the breeze during the night.  It
came to my mind that I needed to raise money for the dorms to replace
the roofs.  Talking to the Camp Leader about it, we worked out that it
would cost approx $1000 AUD to replace 1 roof.  On my departure, I gave
him the money I had which was about $600 to go towards repairs.  I also
made the camp leader a promise that I would raise money to replace the
roofs. Then I came up with the idea to do the photography exhibition to raise the money.
 Sam is holding a series of photos indicating the repair needed to the boy’s dormitory.
Well done Sam a great effort. The exhibition was excellent.

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  1. 6-7-2015

    Thanks Boyd for your support and for your future advice for my photo's. So far so good, we've had almost 90 people through in 2 days. Last day tomorrow, so hoping that we might get a few more. Well and truly on the way to putting a new roof on one of the dorms.
    Regards, Sam