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Annual membership fees:-

So far 50 members have paid so there are not many outstanding.

Tuesday 12th March:-

Tonight is AV judging night.  There are 5 AV’s all ‘open subject’ with a maximum time of 5 minutes each.  Our judge, Bob Thomas, cannot attend but has sent notes which Matt Oliver will read.

Tuesday the 12th is also the day the entries are due for the April Print/Digital competition.  The web site is open so you can submit entries now.  The set subject is Macro – close up.


This year all images to be displayed at Dudley House over Easter will need to be lodged via the clubs web site.  Esther has opened the web site for entries.  You will need to include the details shown below to enable Garry Paterson to finalise the printing of the catalogue. This will need to be done by later than the 19th of March.  NB – A copy of the image is not required.

Tuesday 19th March:-

Our activity tonight is on Drones.  Allan, Andrew and Will are bringing their drones along.  Please note that we are not permitted to fly anywhere around the Lake as it is less than 5.5 kilometres from the Bendigo Airport.  You will be able to handle the drones and ask questions.  You will also be able to see still images and video produced by these drones. Unfortunately, our projector cannot show 4K video so you will only get to see the video in High Definition.

Also if you participated in the recent bus tour to Melbourne you are asked to bring along a maximum of 10 images which will be shown on the night. (18 people went to Melbourne so 18 x 10 = 180 images so perhaps 5 would be better – considering you all went to the same places).

April will be a busy month for the club with the following events happening:-

  • 9th Judging night
  • 16th Astrophotography at John Addlem’s property
  •  19th Easter at Dudley House (See Below)
  • 23rd Club Dinner at the Farmers Arms Hotel at Junortoun

Easter Exhibition Friday Saturday and Sunday:-

Set-Up will commence on Thursday afternoon at 4:00pm at the Club Rooms where we will need to transfer the display boards to Dudley House.  Once we set up these display boards members can commence putting their images up.  Each member will be given a maximum of two display boards.  You should be able to get 12 A4 images on your two boards or 6 to 8 A3’s depending on whether they are horizontal or vertical.

We plan to again run a “continuous loop” AV in the back room.  This will show digital images entered into 2018 competitions.

Volunteers are still needed to man the door and collect entry fees. Remember this is our major fundraising event of the year.  At Tuesday night’s committee meeting it was mentioned that annual fees for the Camberwell Camera Club are $120.00 per general member, $60.00 for student member and $140.00 for family membership.  So this fundraiser and the Australia Day event do keep your costs down.

Sunday afternoon, say about 3:00, people will again be needed to dismantle and clean up.

VAPS Convention for 2019:-

This year VAPS will hold its annual Convention at the Federation University of Australia Churchill Campus on May 24th to May 26th. Churchill is just south of Morwell and is over 315 kilometres from Bendigo.

Details will be provided as they come to hand.



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