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Australia Day Photo Exhibition and drink sales:-

Several things were not in the clubs favour including the high temperatures we suffered earlier in the month.  Also the fact that Saturday the 26th was not a public so lots of people were still working.   Also due to the weather many sites were vacant particularly around our section of the lake.

The exhibition went well with a higher number of visitors than in previous years.  Drink sales however only made a profit of about $430.00.  Many thanks to all those who volunteered on the day.

Annual Membership fees:-

Just a reminder the annual fees of $50.00 per member are now due.

Tuesday 12th February:-

This is a judging night with the set subject being “Australiana”.  The judge is Theo van der Meulen.  Doing a Google search I found a Theo van der Meulen of Traralgon Victoria.    Also AV entries are due with judging being on the 12th of March.  The subject is “open” with a maximum time of 5 minutes.

Tuesday 19th February:-

This activity night will be in two parts, firstly we will hear from Ken Spence who will talk about Heartfelt which is a volunteer organisation of photographers from all over Australia and New Zealand dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families that have experienced stillbirths, premature births or have children with serious and terminal illnesses.

Heartfelt is dedicated to providing this gift to families in a caring, compassionate manner. 

All services are provided free of charge.

Heartfelt currently has photographers in Melbourne and Shepparton and would like to see somebody based in Bendigo.  This will not be an easy task but does provide parents will a pictorial memory to share with friends and family.

The second part of the evening will be voting (by members) on which print entries are included in the next VAPS judging.  There will be about 45 prints to be judged with 15 required for VAPS.  The final decision of which prints are entered will be made by the committee.

Saturday 16th February:-

A bus trip has been planned to do another street walk of Melbourne plus other interesting venues.  Names are required asap plus if you know of any interesting place around Melbourne please let Graeme know.

April – Easter Exhibition:-

While Easter is still two months away you need to start preparing.  Each club member will be allotted two display boards.  You might like to also place some info about yourself on one of these boards.   Garry Paterson will need the names of your images by March and a price if they are for sale.

VAPS Annual Convention:-

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May 2019 at the Federal University Churchill campus, 19ks south west of Traralgon Victoria.  The camera Club is the Latrobe Valley Camera Club.

Do not miss this convention and plan now for 3 wonderful days of photographic presentations, workshops, outings and socialising.
Five Keynote presentations
Four professional Photographers
Five different Workshops featuring Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Macro
Friday night Cocktail party and opening of the annual interclub
Dawn shoot featuring light landscape and birdlife
The Annual Dinner and Awards presentations.

Registration forms will be on the VAPS website soon.


With over 65 VAPS clubs (more than half are in the country), and many of them having about 10 image evaluation nights per year, worst case is we need to be able to full fill 600 + judging spots every year.

Many of the existing judges on the judges list have been there a long time, and are starting to limit their travels to clubs, or simply retiring from judging altogether. Travelling in unfamiliar suburbs or country roads at 10 pm at night is a bit of a challenge for many.

So we have some challenges ahead of us. We need more judges, particularly younger judges with a modern outlook on photography. We especially need judges, or judging methods for country clubs.

APJA (Photographic Judges Association) was formed to support existing judges as part of a judge’s community, and with some ongoing judging training. APJA also has a major focus on Training to make it easier for people to get involved in judging and overcoming the nerves of public speaking.

Each training event costs about $800 to $1000 to facilitate, with the majority of the costs being rent, travel, and mainly presenters. If all what we have planned for 2019 goes ahead we will have 4 one day major training events, so a cost of around $3000 to $4000 dollars.

Thankfully VAPS has put $1000 towards this, but the rest needs to come from the participants.  The Bendigo Camera Club is prepared to assist with costs if any club member wishes to become a judge.

We therefore encourage members to have a go at training, it is not mandatory that they take on a judging role, but if we don’t plan for the future we may have some real issues down the track.

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